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A Patient Success Story

Dear Neighbors,
I want to share some good news with you!  We have two wonderful eye doctors right here in our community! Their names are Dr. Lynn Marie DiMartino and Dr. Audrey Farnsworth and their office is conveniently located at the corner of Beadle Lake Rd and Tower Rd.
Dr. Lynn DiMartino has been a great addition to my healthcare team.  I tell everyone that she actually saved my life.  This may sound silly since she is “just an eye doctor”.  You may think that she just checks out your eyes but she does more than that.  Several years ago I had a routine eye exam scheduled. The first thing done was a blood pressure check. What eye doctor does that?  I must say she is the first for me.  Anyway, my blood pressure was rather high.  She seemed very concerned and asked that I keep an eye on it and follow up with my family physician as soon as I could.  
I was on my way out of town and just kind of blew it off; I was just stressed and rushed trying to get everything done in time to leave.  I was absolutely positive that was all it was. As my weekend out of town progressed I had a nagging headache that continued to become the worst headache you can imagine it was so bad that I was sick to my stomach. Once again I blew it off, it must be food poisoning, that’s all, I was sure of it.  No medication seemed to help.  
In the back of my mind I was reminded of the concern that Dr. Lynn expressed. Could my blood pressure really be an issue, the cause of this awful headache?  I decided to check it when I got home. It was still very high.  After some persuasion I reluctantly went to the emergency room.  I was immediately seen because there was concern that I was close to a stroke.  
Had she not checked my blood pressure, and not expressed such concern, I don’t think that I would have even thought to check my own blood pressure. So thank you Dr. Lynn for saving my life, for being so thorough by explaining everything you see and do and for treating my whole body, not just my eyes.
If you, or anyone in your family, need an eye exam, I highly recommend both doctors.  I know you will find they are extremely qualified, caring, friendly, professional, and also convenient—just like I did when I visited their practice!
Dawn Furgason