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What’s New At Battle Creek Eye Clinic: Cataract Surgery Co-Managment

Cataract Surgery Co-Managment

Experiencing cloudy vision or halos around lights? Do colors seem faded, or more yellow than they used to? It is possible that you are developing a very common eye condition called cataracts, which can only be treated with surgery. Fortunately, the doctors of Battle Creek Eye Clinic in Battle Creek, Michigan offer cataract surgery co-management, for the best patient diagnosis, care and follow-up available. Below, they answers some key questions concerning what cataracts is, what surgery is like, and what co-management of cataracts surgery means.

What is a Cataract?

When light enters our eyes from our surroundings, it is focused through the lens onto the retina, a collection of light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye. For this process to work, the lens has to be clear so that light can pass through unhindered. A cataract occurs when the eye's lens becomes clouded. Much like breathing on the lens of a camera, causing it to fog up, a cataract clouds the lens of your eye, causing the lens to have a harder time receiving and focusing light onto the retina. Depending upon the severity of the cataract, eyesight may be significantly affected.

Cataracts often develop as a result of age. The lens is mostly water and protein. As a person ages, the lens grows layer after layer on its surface, and these layers eventually harden. In some cases, protein in the lens may clump together, causing the lens to become cloudy in some areas and form a cataract.

If clouding effects the whole or a large part of the lens, sight is severely hindered and surgical removal of the cataract is necessary. This is where proper diagnosis and pre- and post-op care in a co-management setting are absolutely essential.

What does cataract surgery entail?

In cataract surgery, the surgeon removes the natural lens of the eye that has become fogged, and an artificial lens is inserted to replace the old lens. The surgery is generally performed in a surgical center or hospital, using local anesthesia and will usually not cause you any discomfort. This surgery has a very high success rate if co-management is properly done.

What is co-management?

Co-management is a process in which your optometrist and your eye surgeon will work together to answer questions involving your procedure both before and after your surgery, as well as follow up with thorough exams to be sure that your recovery process is going smoothly. This partnership will allow you to receive the best patient care, since your eye surgeon will handle those aspects which she is best suited for, and the optometrist handles those parts which she is best suited for. Not all optometry practices in Battle Creek, MI offer this beneficial partnership, and that's why we are so proud to be offering this to our patients at Battle Creek Eye Clinic.

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